The Very Beginning

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Aaron and I have been discussing the eventual purchase of a farm for more than a year. Living at the heart of urban Kansas City, Missouri, I haven’t been 100% convinced a rural farm is where we’re meant to be. However – I do know that we’d like to escape the city. I had assumed that we would strike a balance of city access with a countryside feel.

That changed, however, when we found the Bushnell’s and Orchard Hill in McLouth, Kansas.

McLouth is exactly a 15-minute drive from my childhood home. While I’d had no intention to returning to the area quite so intentionally – this gorgeous property was listed for sale in the exact moment in which we longed to be away from the bustle of city sirens. With the arrival of our little addition, Isai, we were fast to act.

I still blame the lack of sleep for thinking this was a good idea.

Moving in the dead of Winter with a 3-month-old infant is not for the faint of heart. Still – we couldn’t be happier with this incredible place and our vision for the future.

Today, I want to take a moment to capture the very beginning. When we moved into our first home together, I saved all of the real estate photos that had been used for marketing. It was incredible to look back years later and see how we’d left our mark. Here, I want to do the same.

First, watch the drone video. Instantly, you can see why we fell in love with this place.

Then, tour the property through these great photos. The whole thing reflects a lifetime of love and care.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for this next big adventure. It feels strange to be leaving our comfort zone – but also exhilarating to take on such a huge opportunity. And this is just the beginning…