Trim and Closets – Our Holiday Reno Projects

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Our renovation is like the home DIY project that just won’t end. Despite the obnoxiously long timeline, it’s stunning. We’re taking our time and working through the frustrating delays one-by-one. Every little bit gets us that much closer to the finish line and – man, I could sit in our master and daydream about what’s to come all day long.

With our gorgeous windows finally installed, we’ve moved on to trim. Of course, a full farm, 2 full-time jobs, 2 kids and holidays don’t make for a solid opportunity to do much work. Aaron and I planned as much renovating as is humanly possible to be squeezed into the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day while I had a much-needed break from my day job.

Naturally, that means we spent a total of about 8 hours over the course of 5 days working on our house.

No need to digress, though. What we accomplished is still pretty awesome. We tried a few trim styles to iron out how we want to finish the space. The final selection was the modern vibe of the left photo despite fully expecting to go the Craftsman direction in the center. I even had a hunch to try larger boards on top of the windows (something I saw on Pinterest) and ultimately didn’t care for it. Generally, making a decision at all here was a real win.

We also spent a good chunk of time hunting for the kids closet organizer. I found what I wanted for them on a couple of recent trips to IKEA – but I’ve had the actual worst time finding a way to get all of the pieces. These things are so modular that you literally buy every piece separately. You couldn’t get them all online. And, you couldn’t buy them all in our Kansas City store.

After two trips to the store in two days, I finally landed on ordering the bulk of the system and picking up 3 large pieces from the brick-and-mortar shop. The photo above is what is shown in-store. Our version will be a little bit wider with twice as many drawers and an extra hanging pole. It should be perfect for the kids while they share the nursery – then convert easily when we finally switch that space over to an office.