We Have New Walls

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The new walls are finally going into our bedroom and bathroom renovation! The north end of our house has taken on a whole new look and I honestly couldn’t be happier with where it’s going.

We knew when we moved in that this part of the house would eventually see some big shifts. The existing master bedroom didn’t have a bathroom ensuite. The hallway was huge and the hall bath included a separate shower and bathtub that didn’t make very great use of the space. We set out to adjust that – and, oh boy, have we.

The old giant hallway is now about half of its original size. The nursery is to the left, master straight ahead and hall/guest bath to the right.

With a new wall splitting the original master bedroom, we now have a nursery (or future office) with deck access.

The master bedroom has been an insane transformation. While in the demo stage, we decided to do a test run of vaulting the ceiling to match the pitch of the roofline. I’m absolutely over the moon with the bonus space and cannot wait to see this room with new sheetrock and paint.

The house has tons of small linear closets – very true to its age. In reshaping the master, we made a strong case for a large walk-in closet. This is something I’ve never personally had (Aaron totally has!) – and, once again, I’m so freaking jazzed for how this is looking already!

A small walk space between the closet and master door leads to the master bath. This space is still a bit rough as it’s entirely new and built from scratch. Still, we’re excited to see how it evolves with a bit more of the hardware and fixtures that will make it look bathroom-y.

Finally, the original hall bath has been chopped nearly in half and is now a sweet small space for guests and scrubbing kiddos.

This entire process has already been a huge education for us. I’m so glad we’re making progress but the entire project gets more and more intimidating by the minute.