Yes, We’re Still Remodeling

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As we creep in on the 2nd anniversary of buying the farm and officially starting our remodel process, it’s admittedly hard to keep the wind in our sails.

Today, I’m looking around the living room at the entire back wall that has been ripped apart and replaced with windows. While the concept is still amazing – it comes with a bit of an eye roll as electrical cords and insulation dangle from every crevice.

We ordered the windows 5 months ago with an expectation of a 12-week delivery. As with all things, they were delayed. Then, they arrived with the wrong screens, wrong handles and various mismatched color items that the distributor assures us is the proper look. Honestly, to invest so much of your hard work and hard-earned money into something that isn’t what you expect is overwhelmingly disheartening. To do it and still have so much work left to do is meltdown-worthy.

Aaron and I spend plenty of time frustrated with the progress. We also spend plenty of time staring at the trees in the sunset and chasing animals around in the backyard. We spend plenty of time pushing our babes around the farm in the stroller so that they might finally fall asleep in the fresh air.

Friends, I guess this post is to simply remind myself that this is not HGTV. This process is not fast. It is not cheap. It is not easy. It’s not a simple Instagram post of my perfect coffee in front of my perfect white wall. When you face reality in these kinds of things, it take grit and patience and gratitude for even the most exhausting of situations.

And I do realize that much. We are overwhelmingly fortunate to get to experience this process at all. To get to choose how we design this home and make it our own. To get to live through the pains so that we can finally enjoy the magic at the other end. I am grateful for that version of the overwhelming nature of this process.

Man, I could really use some of that magic at the other end right now, though. This -ish is hard.