This Week on the Farm: April 13-19, 2020

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What seemed like an uneventful week really got us there at the end.

The projects have continued. And continued. And continued.

I was lucky, on Tuesday, to finally finish the greenhouse floor. I’ve been slowly progressing one square foot tile at a time to stencil a pattern onto the concrete. With an infant to watch out for – this has meant literally one tile at a time every few days. After weeks of starring at the half-complete space, it’s nice to see this undertaking finished up. On to trim, we go!

Cold, storms and rain have kept us pretty cooped up. Aaron and I have slowly chipped away at the master bedroom demolition. We have a couple of contractors coming to give us bids next week. Generally, though, that’s moving pretty slowly too.

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, I took on the role of feeder to all of the things. Feed the chickens. Feed the cows. Feed the dogs. Feed the baby. Feed the plants. Feed self.

While Aaron ducked out of town, Chuck #1 got sick and went to the vet. I’m very pleased to report that, while he didn’t look so hot Thursday morning, he is in much better shape this weekend! A little re-hydration at the vet, a few pills for pneumonia and some electrolytes have this guy in top shape. He’s back in the pen and eating exactly like we expect!

Little cow made it back to us Saturday morning. My dad helped Aaron get him back from the vet. Then, later in the day, my mom and Joe stopped in to see the property in the sunshine. Quarantine continues to be a bit weird for us since Isai spends time with his grandparents through the week. I’m grateful that the little exposure there opens a small window for us to spend some time with our family here and there. Socially distanced, of course.

Aaron and I hustled to get projects and materials moving through the weekend. The chicken coop is closer than ever to being ready for the babies. And holy cow, we’re ready to have them out of our garage.