This Week on the Farm: June 8-14, 2020

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Life is nuts. Here’s the summary:

  • We brought home a produce cart! For real. Myrtle is quietly resting in the garage while we look for ways to get her painted and freshened up. I couldn’t be more excited that she’s here. Meet her.
  • Cedar-Apple rust is attacking some of our orchard trees. Generally, it seems to be a minimal threat – but it could impact a bit of the harvest later. Only time will tell.
  • The chickens got a new feeder. And, y’all, it’s legit. We can fill it from the outside and it drops into the inside. We’ll be able to fill it once every week or so and save ourselves tons of daily work!
  • We’re living our best lives on the side by side. We’ve been all over the area on this thing and it’s the best possible way to put the kid down for a nap.
  • This week was hay week. It was intense. My dad brought some equipment over and gave the baler a tune up. Then, Aaron, my dad and Duane cut the pastures. Aaron raked, my dad baled and Chris, Taylor, the kids and I supervised from the side-by-side for the evening.
  • The garden is growing beautifully. I even planted a few little pots of herbs for the chickens to enjoy later this summer.
  • We really, really need to get the grass out of the garden. It’s getting a little ridiculous. We’re working on some ideas for protecting the plants while we use the flame weeder. It’s hot though so experimenting is kind of torturous. More to come here, I’m sure.

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