The Best Small Town Park Ever

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Warmer weather this week is screaming for us to spend as much time outside as is humanly possible. Naturally, that meant we were hopping, skipping and jumping to the park with the kids.

We lucked out beyond belief last summer by discovering an incredible park in Oskaloosa – just 15 minutes from our house. More often than not, we’d hit one of the many parks in Lawrence while in town for groceries, dinner or errands. But a few times a week, we’re doing kid pickup in my hometown and Oskaloosa is a quick pass-through on our drive.

We genuinely couldn’t ask for a better place to get out and play.

The park is newer and its claims to local fame are the gigantic 3-story slides and enormous rope web. However, for our littles, we quickly blow by both to get to the smaller jungle gym with a raised tunnel, swings and bouncy ride-on toys.

Both kids have an absolute blast pushing their comfort zones on the climbing walls, heading to the top of the big kid tower and quickly deciding to walk back down. We swing in the sunset. We run, hard. We laugh.

On this particular trip, Isai discovered the baseball field that is overlooked by the park. We’ve been there so many times, but he’s never shown an interest before. Aaron took him down to run on the bases. He had a blast despite not having any idea why they were doing it.

Getting the kids back into the truck to head home was no easy feat – but both were snoozing in no time at all. The perfect way to wrap up another sunny day.