The Kids (or Goats) Snagged a Free Playhouse

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Aaron has been busy at work on a renovation property in Kansas City. In fact, the home was previously owned by his sister and her family – so it’s been a fun one to see transform. The kids and I went into KC with him over the weekend to check out the progress. Naturally, a few things needed to be done, so the kids were let out into the backyard to roam for a bit. That’s where they found an old Little Tikes playhouse.

We texted Aunt Sarah: “if the cousins are done with this, can we take it to the farm please?” Sai’s sly little grin says it all…

The response was an exciting “yes!” – and just like that, Isai and Elin found themselves a new hangout.

We had to wait about a week for Aaron to have room in the truck to haul it home. But – it’s here now! Of course, as it would, a storm with high winds hit the night that it arrived and sent it tumbling across the front yard. The roof ripped off, but all else seemed to be intact.

“Worst case scenario, if we can’t fix it for the kids, we can put it in the Goat Grove for the goats to use later.” Somehow, we always find a backup plan that involves the goats.

I’m aiming to pick up a new pressure cleaner soon – and honestly, it’s just what this thing needs! I don’t think the older kids have used it for years. So a fast wash to knock out the spider webs will have it shined up and ready to roll in no time.

We’ve looked at Little Tikes houses like this so many times. New ones are pretty pricy and used ones never seem to show up at a convenient time on Facebook Marketplace. I also hate spending a ton of cash on something that I’m never sure the kids will spend much time playing with. Salvaging this one (especially when it can be regifted to the goats when the kids are done with it) is such a major win!