Trail Riding with Cousins

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Chris, Taylor and the boys popped by this weekend and we were honestly just way too excited to have friends and family on the farm again. We’ve had a beautiful run of nice weather over the past week and seeing everyone out and about always serves to remind us of why we love having this land so much.

While they only popped by to drop off some paperwork for one of the trailers – they stayed and enjoyed a good part of the day with us. We quickly loaded everyone into the side-by-side and took off to show them the new trails at the back of the property.

Typically, they would haul their side-by-side down so we could do some wild riding, but that wasn’t the case this day. Instead, we all piled into our Honda Pioneer. Each adult held a kid and I snuggled into the back with Isai and Rhett holding on tight. We avoided the usual rough-and-tumble riding and instead took a relaxed mosey through the wood line. We stopped often to talk through possible plans. Then, popped into the campsite to get their input on the layout.

Everyone was so jazzed by the prospect of camping that we may very well be testing the site next weekend. That’s at least a month earlier than we originally expected – so we’ll have to make some fast work of getting everything mowed, building a fire pit and making sure we have some basic plans for how to set things up.

I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. Getting to share it with my brother and sister-in-law was just icing on the cake. Any chance we have to gather up all the kids and see them our exploring is a major win in my book!