Kili Got Sprayed by a Skunk

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Our very good girls have been extremely busy protecting the farm from just about everything. Coyotes, bumps in the night and…skunks.

This morning, a horrid smell wafted through the front door as we let the indoor dogs go outside. We searched the kitchen for bad trash and poopy diapers. When our search turned up nothing, we chalked it up to a random stink.

But, when Aaron went outside to take care of chores, the story quickly revealed itself. Kili – while sprinting about to protect the property overnight – was sprayed by a skunk.

She smells horrible. Truly awful.

On closer inspection – she has a giant yellow stripe across her shoulder. Every single thing she touches (or everyone that touches her) also gets a dose of the stink. It’s honestly the worst. She wants to be petted and loved on, but she just reeks so badly.

We don’t really have a strategy for how to get that cleaned up, honestly. Being a farm dog (especially one that lives outside), it’s highly likely that she’s just going to have to tough this one out.

Because, obviously, I’m not touching her.