Playing in the Dirt

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I love this moment.

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law Taylor was clearing out our nephew’s toy room for a garage sale. Before the toys hit the curb, I sorted through for a few tractors and trucks that the boys could play with at our house. We’re still in the baby gear stage, so I knew they’d be excited to have a few of their own things stashed here.

At Isai’s birthday party, they busted them out of the Rubbermaid storage bin I set up near the deck. They were a hit. Now, every time they visit, they know exactly where their toys are and they know they’re allowed to dig in the flower bed next to the gazebo.

The result is this absolutely perfect moment. Rhett is almost 4. Tanner just turned 2. And, our Isai is 1. The three of them together play so wonderfully. The older boys include Isai even though he doesn’t “get it” all of the time. They make sure he has his own truck. They scoop dirt into it for him. They keep him included.

We couldn’t be luckier to have our family so close.