Spring is On the Way

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Despite having very chilly temps in the forecast, we’re seeing the signs of Spring on the farm!

Aaron has been doing some clean-up on the brush next to the barn. Over the past two years – we’ve enjoyed some pretty bushes that come back green and full each year. They have, though, gotten pretty overgrown and a bit overwhelming for the area. While dormant, Aaron cut them all back completely.

Bonus points: clearing them out has made way for some volunteer blackberry vines to take over. We’re planning to transplant additional vines into this space to move the brambles closer to the house to enjoy through the summer.

This spot is also home to surprise lilies that flourish every single year. We can already see the green sprouts popping up! The nearby Irises are starting to push their greens up too. So exciting, really. I can only hope the Hollyhocks by the barn are planning a similar appearance within the next couple of months.

The 300 tulips in the front yard are still underground – but we’ve been hearing of tulips starting to pop in the area. We’ll probably see some action here soon – fingers crossed!

Even the front pasture is getting a light undertone of green starting to poke through. Chuck, I’m certain, is thrilled. The pasture will be fertilized in the next couple of months to prepare for hay growth and harvest. At that point, Chuck and the new cow friends to come will move to the back pasture and new pond to enjoy the dried and fresh new grass coming in there.

As much as I love the snow-covered farm during the winter – I am always so happy to see Spring arrive with all its lush green and pretty colors. It already looks like this year will be a real winner!