Sunrise, Sunset

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I’m certain you made the sunset for us the night you left.

It was a view that you’ve undoubtedly taken in a thousand times before from your chair on the front porch. But, somehow, it was more beautiful than any of us had previously noticed. The rich rusty reds faded into coppery oranges before dissolving entirely into a pale gray-blue. Not a single cloud danced in the sky. It was simple, humble and beautiful – just like the life you’d been bragging about living.

I saw it, Grandpa.

The recent rain had raised tall healthy grasses through the waterway. They gently gave way to a barely-there breeze. Jared ran a tractor in the distance while the rest of the world appeared to stand completely still. You spent a lifetime painting this plain and perfect picture – and here it was for all to see.

Like I said, I’m certain you made that sunset for us. I’m also certain that the heavens made the next day’s sunrise just for you.

You were welcomed into peace by a sky that celebrated the incredible person you were to all of us. Like a burst of playful vibrant energy across the stoic blue. The streaks of clouds were woven like streamers across the prairie – shining over the Kansas land you’d dedicated yourself to caretaking.

You were someone worthy of celebration. You lived a spectacular life full of ambition, humility, adventure and joy. You brought the beauty of that life to all of us. You painted a picture so plain and perfect – and invited us all to share in it.

Yes. I’m certain that you made the sunset for us.

And, I’m certain the sunrise was all for you.