Tractor Rides are (Almost) Here Again

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Our Friday and Saturday was filled with some pretty great time with cousins. We don’t get to see everyone in our giant extended family often – and having a large group of us together on a bit of whim is even rarer. We kicked off the weekend, though, with some quality cousin time. For Isai, that included sitting in a tractor.

The first tractor sit of the year.


Kiddo tractor rides are in full effect on our grandparents’ farm. the great-grandkids have the luxury of some kid seats, seat belts and heated cabs where we used to just enjoy the view from the floor or a lap. it was a different time. 🤣 #fyp #farmlife #farmfam #generationalfarming #farmland #tractor #masseyferguson

♬ motorcycle dududu – FUNNY

It’s true – you can’t take Isai to my grandparents’ farm without him demanding to see tractors. Lately, they’re all organized and parked between the buildings on the back side of the driveway. He sees them the minute we arrive – and he insists on driving them until we leave.

While our visit this weekend was too muddy for riding in the field, my cousin Jared helped the kid out with a private run out to the Massey so he could kick it on and play with the steering wheel. By the time I got out there, he was also trying to mash a few buttons that could have easily led to harvesting the driveway next fall.

Just look at this happy guy.

It feels too chilly to get your hopes up, but Jared says we’re ready to go in the weeks ahead. Planting will start soon and tractor rides will once again be readily available anytime.

No one tell Isai, please!