We’re Fish Feeders Now

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One of the funnest memories of my grandparents’ farm was feeding fish from the damn with Grandpa Ralph. He would take a bucket of fish food to the water’s edge and let us toss handfuls into the pond until fish gathered all around.

It was basically a religion. Those fish knew him and knew what was coming when he was near. They came to him, ate their meal and drifted back into the murky water.

Somewhere, nearby, Grandma Louise was probably scanning the ground with her metal detector – locating the next piece of treasure.

Aaron knows nothing of my past fish feeding experience. So imagine my surprise when I caught him with a bucket of feed – summoning our pond’s fish to the shore.

He’s been doing this a few evenings a week. Last night, Isai and I finally joined him. We don’t have much more fish in the pond at the moment, but the few that flip about the surface are fun to watch. While the sun sets and the trees reflect off the water – it’s a peaceful reminder of our farm kid days. I’m so excited Isai will grow up with these memories too.