The Irises

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I often find myself thanking Lois for the small bits of magic all around the farm. Often, I run into something cute or quirky and immediately imagine that it must have been her idea instead of David’s. I have no idea if any of it is true – but I hope she’d be tickled to know she’s getting all the credit.

One such moment has been repeated over and over as we’ve watched the Irises bloom. In their 20 years on the farm, I can only imagine the many times she must have dug up and relocated the Irises that are spilling over their garden bed outside of the garage.

The first were the blue-purple blooms.

Then, weeks later (maybe a week ago?) – a creamy, buttery yellow. Their stalks shot up straight to the sky, then exploded in a stunning show of color.

Along the parking area in the driveway

The bed by the garage was first. Then, shortly after blooms appeared there, we also noticed them near the master bedroom window, behind the rock wall in the driveway and near a tree along the roadside.

Outside the window of our future master bedroom

Yes – Lois has left her mark everywhere with these Irises.

A few days ago, dusky golden blooms popped open near the cream – adding dimension to the two-toned bed. Then, today, we found dusky reddish and vibrant purple hues blooming alongside them too. The blend of light, bright and desaturated tones has turned the mix into the most beautiful cluster we’ve seen around here. It’s genuinely stunning – and more than makes up for our single Daffodil a few months ago.

Later this summer or fall, I’ll go work clearing the extra Irises from the yard – much in the way I assume Lois has done many times before. And, once again, I’ll relocate the bulbs to somewhere fancy to be enjoyed over and over in the years to come.

The largest group next to the garage

What a fun tradition we can share.