Stained Glass Moves to the Wood Shop

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I’m nearly certain that the Farmer is ecstatic that my new hobby has expanded into the woodshop.

Over the weekend, I moved my projects to the table in the entry area of the shop. As if the cut glass and tiny shards themselves weren’t dangerous enough, I figured adding the glass grinder to our kitchen was just a genuinely bad plan. Particularly with two kids around, it felt like this needed to get out of our house.

I will say, Aaron made an excellent case for moving into the barn house. It has a fantastic work bench, electricity and open area for moving through all the phases of my projects. It’s also, though, filthy. It’s a catchall space for farm storage and is due for a good scrubbing. Alongside that, the windows are old and dingy – there’s not much natural light, there’s zero sheetrock and the idea of adding a space heater to that place is like signing up for a house fire.

So, he’s sharing the woodshop. The same woodshop I so conveniently cleaned and organized a few months ago.

I spent a couple of hours over the weekend moving my projects forward. I set up my new grinder and it’s making a HUGE difference in how my pieces align. At the moment, I haven’t taken any of the panels through the entire process to be completed, but I’m already making the first few steps of cutting, taping and preparing the glass so much better!