Now We Have 3 Chucks

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In the famous words of Farmer Crossley: “just like that, we have three cows.”

Mind you, I only knew we were getting two. Nice attempt to sneak that one by me, sir.

He made the proclamation to the dogs and I early this afternoon. Ogilvy has since spent his day starring out of the living room windows and barking uncontrollably at the now multiplied calf.

My dad texted earlier in the morning that our new cow was on the way – a day early. We already agreed that Chuck #1 should have a pen-buddy, so Chuck #2 wasn’t a shocker. But let me tell you my surprise to find out that dad had left behind a Chuck #3.

Let’s be real – these guys are super cute. However, I genuinely have no idea which one is the original Chuck. Never-the-less, here we are. “Did you feed the Chucks?” “How are the Chucks doing?” “Oh, is this one a girl?”

The babes are in their pen happily tromping through mud and gnawing on fresh hay. They get bottles of milk replacer every morning and evening – which is going to be a real fun time now that we have to feed three at once. Especially with only two bottles on hand at the moment. What has been a simple 10-minute task will quickly demand a new 30-minute routine.

Still, you can’t find this kind of quarantine entertainment in the city.