Coming Home to Color

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After a week away, we weren’t 100% sure what to expect from the garden. We left with quite a bit of weeding needing to be done. Grass had invaded the South garden and was slowly making its way into the North. The arugula had started to go to seed – but aside from a handful of small white flowers, the leafy green plants really ruled the roost.

We left casual instructions for the house and animal sitters to water each garden daily. With a couple of days of rain – we knew the plants had gotten everything they needed while we were way. The question that remained was just what they would make of it.

Well, they exploded.

The nasturtium is the most obvious by far. Loaded with fiery blooms, it’s the first thing you see when you look across the sea of plants. Oranges, yellows and even a few bold reds light the division between a few of the beds.

The bright green lettuce heads are still sharp at the heart of the area. A few have started to go to seed as well – shooting toward the sky with tall stalks. The arugula is still doing the same, but now with more gorgeous white flowers.

A weed? Entirely possible, but I’m giving it a shot at being awesome anyway.

The onions add dimension with their smooth, deep green shoots. Marigolds have added even more vibrant orange around the garden’s edges. And even a rogue weed has sprouted tiny yellow blooms that are just too pretty to chop.

That’s a thing, you know. Aaron keeps giving me the heavy sigh and head shake every time he asks “um, what’s that?” about random things that are growing out of place.

“Probably a weed. I don’t know. It’s kind of pretty though. We’ll just keep it and see what happens.”

A: “But…it’s a weed.”

“Yea, it might be. I’m not really sure. I’d rather just see what it turns into.”

As if a weed is going to magically become something more than a weed.

He tolerates the madness well.

Sitting at the garden table in the shade of the midday sun – I can see white butterflies are dancing across the greens. They float and flutter. Their pure white pops against the richness of the color around them.

Weeds or not, it really is very pretty.