Building a Goat Fence

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Over the past month, Aaron and my brother Chris have been installing a 4-wire electric fence around 2 acres of our wood line. The goal: we want goats to do all the brush clearing for us.

We’re getting goats.

The two of them have put some long evenings into engineering not only the fence, but genius ways of making the installation easier. Finally, Chris landed on a custom attachment for the front of the side-by-side that feeds the wire through a tube on the driver’s side. As one person drives, the wire unrolls – giving the other person enough slack to clip it into the fence posts.

The last wire somehow managed to be left for Aaron and I to finish ourselves. No complaints here – it was actually pretty exciting to see the whole operation work and to contribute to installing our first real fence on the property.

I drove the side-by-side while Aaron secured the wire. Within a couple of hours including a little bit of post clean-up – we officially had a fence.