Framing and Ordering Windows

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For every moment we have with the renovation feeling pretty and put together, there is a moment where it feels like we’ve returned to square one. This would be one of the latter.

Last week, we ventured to Midland Exteriors in Manhattan to look at a line of Marvin windows in-person and pick all of the finished we’d like to see on them. After a very long journey of trying to find the right windows for the house, I have renewed excitement that we may have finally found the perfect thing! We committed to an order and are looking forward to installation in 12 weeks.

To prep, Scott has started framing the rough openings so that the final pass of the sheetrock work can be completed. So many things to juggle.

The rough in is, well, rough. It’s not the pretty, near-finished look we were staring at before. The walls are open. Plywood is blocking out all the natural light. It’s kind of a dungeon.

All we can do is visualize the transformation to come and continue to look forward to what this will be instead of what it is.