The Walls Have Sheetrock

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Renovating an older home is a real roller coaster of emotions. One day, you’re celebrating actual literal sheetrock going up. The next, you’re enraged by the mess left behind. And then the day after that, you’re celebrating again because you cleaned that shit up yourself and it looks amazing.

No? Just me then.

Thus is the story of our sheetrock experience. First, we really struggled to find a sheetrocker that we trusted, was reasonably priced and was available to take our project through its next steps. When we finally agreed on one, scheduling continued to be a bit of a pain. But, you know, that’s how it goes and we were over the moon to finally see materials arrive and sheetrock start going up.

Having actual sheetrock closing up the framing on the walls gives the space so much shape. It’s finally starting to feel real. We can see the rooms, we can see the next steps and everything suddenly feels attainable.

But when these sheetrockers left, the mess they left behind was mindblowing. Aaron has repeated several times that sheetrockers are the divas of construction. I would honestly hope that’s not true, but in our case, the crew we hired were just plain dicks. They left scraps and trash piled high throughout the space. They let it all rain down over the other materials our contractors were storing in the space. Generally, they gave no effs and took care for absolutely nothing.

Needless to say, we won’t be bringing this crew back for Phase 2 or 3.

After an afternoon with a few trash bags and a shop vac, Aaron and I were able to return our space to its expected beauty.

Once again, I’ve absolutely thrilled with the direction this project is heading, even if it is taking a bit longer than anticipated. The result is bound to be well worth the wait.