We’re Adding a Goat House

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Some of you likely aspire to one day own one of those gorgeous lakeside dream home with a backyard pool and boat house. I’m here to tell you where the fun is really at: a Goat House.

You read that right.

Naturally, with the acquisition of goats, we needed a Goat House. Most of you – the sane ones – would say a goat shack, shelter or hut would be perfectly appropriate for our ragtag herd of auction babies. However, if there’s one thing we do exceptionally well at Crossley Farms, it’s build wildly inappropriate living quarters for our animals.

Remember the Chicken Palace? This is another one of those.

Before we could get started on the Goat House, Aaron had to do a little clean up on the old trails he built last Spring. A quick pass with the tractor mower and we can now get back into the woodline from a number of directions. It’s actually looking pretty snazzy and has been wicked good fun with the side-by-sides. Makes sense that these are now dubbed the Goat Trails, right? Right.

The Goat Trails lead to a couple of natural clearings in the woodline. They’re perfect areas for turning around the side-by-sides – but in one in particular, Farmer Crossley went all-in on the Goat House structure.

Using remnant wood found in most of our outbuildings, he put together a pretty sleek lean-to shelter with some nice openings for us to get in and out comfortably.

It seemed like the frame went together in almost no time. While I’ve been working from home in the basement of the house – he’s apparently been sneaking to the woods to build the perfect goat hangout.

Next up is tin. We were able to snag some leftover tin from my dad which saved us a small fortune in materials. All in all – with fancy screws, a heat lamp and a couple of new metal cans to keep critters out of the grain – we’ll be all-in on this thing under $150.

Can’t wait to see it all wrapped up with the goats moved in. They’re going to love it!