Trunk-or-Treat Bonfire Fundraiser at the Lake

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We have not-so-subtly forced our way into the Lake Dabinawa community down the road from the farm. The private lake is a 10-minute side-by-side ride from our house and, in addition to just being a fun place to be, Grandpa and Mamah live right on the water.

We’ve done plenty of swimming and boating there. I trained for my triathlon this summer by swimming the shoreline. Our dog sitter lives there. Our remodel contractor lives there. We are in at Lake Dabinawa.

So, when we found out they were raising money for a new playground by hosting a Halloween party and bonfire, we joined the fun.

Aaron and I donned costumes as Fred and Wilma, Isai went as Bam Bam and Elin followed as Dino. We were an almost-perfect Flintstone family if you just ignore the fact that Bam Bam was Betty and Barney’s kid. Whatever.

After a long nap in the truck, our little dude made some new friends and explored the trunks. Elin made a bunch of adult friends and giggled and smiled to everyone as she got held and tickled. We enjoyed hot dogs, drinks and an auction that raised money for the park while also warming up by the bonfire.

It really was you perfect evening at a dirt road and pasture party – complete with plenty of fun for the kids and a great time with friends and neighbors!