We Say ‘Goodbye’ to the Chucks

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It’s been about 18 months since the first Chuck arrived at the farm. Since then, we’ve been collecting orphaned moomakers year-round, feeding them bottles and eventually turning them out to our pasture.

This morning, our three original Chucks – Ground Chuck, Chuck Roast and Chuck Norris – were hauled in for processing.

The animal lovers in us absolutely hate this part of raising livestock. It’s typical to raise and breed cattle for sale. Often, though, those cows are sold for processing so that the meat can be sold. In this case, all three cows were sold to a total of six families that will store and use the meat for personal use.

It’s incredible to know that our hard work and care will feed so many people. I’m truly grateful for this experience for our own family to work, grow and give something to the world that takes care of others.

The process is wildly bittersweet though. Recently, Isai has spent every morning and evening going outside or shouting “hey cow-cows!” from our kitchen windows. He’s really grown to appreciate them the same way he has interest in the chickens, dogs and kittens. Not to mention, we raised these cows from small, helpless, abandoned animals. We fed them bottles in the freezing cold and had a lot of laughs trying to move them across the property in a dog kennel. They come to Aaron to be petted like dogs. They are truly part of our family and story here. It’s extremely hard to see them go.

Thank you, Chucks, for being part of our journey. We appreciate all that you’ve taught us as we learn the ropes of farming and we’re forever grateful for the nurishment you’ll bring to so many.