Another Kitchen Bouquet

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One of my bigger ambitions for the farm when we purchased it was to really dive deep into creating a massive cut flower garden. Despite the chaos that is now the garden, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the handful of blooms that continue to pop up.

This week, I took a bit of a mental break from another day of working in front of my screens to get some much-needed fresh air. The colorful blooms in the garden provided the perfect escape and I’m thrilled to gather a few for the kitchen.

The zinnias continue to be amazing. Now, I have a few light and airy blooms in rich plum tones that I’m adding in (please don’t ask me what they’re officially called! Ha!). I also have quite a few giant marigolds that are simply stunning. I particularly remember planting these near the potatoes early in the season. Somehow, they’re now blooming at random locations late in the season. They’re way cool. I’m totally going to claim success here.

I’ve had fun exploring the overgrown areas of the produce for greens and accents for bouquets. The winner this time around is a beautiful handful of sweet basil that is going to seed. It has stunning greens and purple hues in it. Plus, it gets major bonus points for a delicious smell that beautifully balances the strong floral scent of the zinnias. For real, this is my happiest place.