The Freeloading Chickens

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They finally quit being complete and utter freeloaders.

After the recent loss of another chicken and our last guinea – we are officially down to 7 chickens. We think we have 4 hens and 3 roosters – but our opinions there tend to change day by day.

Finally. Fiiiiiiiinally. Our chickens are no longer total freeloaders. I’ve been telling Aaron for months that August would be our moment. We would finally be getting some eggs around this time of year. Naturally, when the first week of August came and went with no eggs, he didn’t believe me.

“Any day now,” I kept repeating.

Then, one day, while walking around in the garden – I saw it.

“Why on Earth is there a golfball in the coop?”


The realization that the small greenish rock at the bottom of the coop ladder was an egg is quite possibly the funniest moment of the summer. Of course it is an egg – of course. But when you’ve spent weeks being disappointed by not finding eggs, the arrival of an egg outside of the egg boxes is a real shocker.

Aaron and I celebrated with a series of completely weird squeals of joy. Somehow, this has completely reinforced our capabilities as something more than potato farmers.