Are You Kidding Me With These Sunsets?

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I’m the first to tell you that we have some seriously spectacular views on the farm. It’s the singular thing that convinced me agreeing to buy the place wasn’t entirely insane.

Of course, just when you think the summertime sunsets are completely unbeatable, winter goes all out and throws up some stunning watercolors that will be extremely hard to beat.

On the way up the drive after a long day in the office and picking up kiddos – I saw this.

My favorites are the days when it looks like every color possible is being used. Tonight was one of those. Bright yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and blues – the photos really cannot do it justice.

Naturally, Kili (or maybe that’s Denali…no one really knows) greeted us by the barn to welcome us home. I couldn’t help but catch a snap of her with the pretty backdrop. She’s a farm dog through and through.