Chris’s Birthday Clay Shoot

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My little brother turned 31 this year.

Chris and Taylor have been a huge help to us while getting the farm up and running. Honestly, I can’t tell you the number of times they’ve popped in just to say “hi” or pick something up and have gotten wrapped up in chasing cows around the property or trying to build a new fence.

When they asked if we would host Chris’s 31st birthday party shooting clays in the back pasture – it was an easy “yes.” So much of what this farm is growing into is thanks to their love and help. Of course, we’d love to celebrate with them here.

So, a few days after the big day – we celebrate Chris in true Crossley Farms-style. With dozens of hand sanitizer pumps, a collection of “take one” masks and plenty of space to roam across the backyard.

Friends and family gathered to celebrate this awesome guy with pulled pork, amazing sides, brownies and a fresh fish fry. (For real, we somehow always end up with epic food when surrounded by such awesome people.) The guys set up clay throwers on the back pasture. A handful of friends brought their side-by-sides and, once again, we took the trails around the property for bonus fun.

The day was one of the last great ones of Fall and Chris’s birthday gave us all the best possible excuse to be outdoors and enjoying it. Once again, I’m over the moon and insanely grateful that the universe saw fit to put all of these incredible people in our lives at a time when the world is just plain rough to handle.

Chris – thank you for all you do and the incredible Uncle you are to our dude. I’ve been so lucky to see the amazing man, husband and dad you’ve grown into and am grateful everyday that you’re my brother. I know Aaron really likes doing brother stuff with you, too. (Ha!) The help you’ve been to the farm over the last year is just completely incomparable. You rock. And you deserved to be celebrated every bit of what we were able to do, today. Happy 31st!

November update: Once again, we celebrated on the farm and had friends and family near and dear gathered together. It’s worth noting here that all of these people were from within our “bubble” and were among those we’ve seen in the last 6-7 months. We had tons of sanitizer, made masks available for all, had disposable gloves available and distanced when and where appropriate. As of the 14-day mark after the event, no one was exposed, showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.