Frosty Mornings Have Arrived

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The chilly frosty mornings are here to stay. We woke up to a near-Winter wonderland this morning. After yesterday’s cool rains – the ground early this morning was covered in a pretty sparkly frost.

Sahara, of course, loved it. We joked that she definitely went sprinting about in the yard screaming “The snow is growing! The snow is growing!” during the morning pee.

Yes, our dogs have voices. And personalities. And, on occasion, we speak for them.

The whole family is itching for Wintery weather. Of course, the minute the temps drop, we’re all bundled in blankets by the fire as if it is absolutely freezing and we couldn’t possibly do anything different.

I really can’t wait for snow though.

Sledding. Snowman building. Isai’s first real Winter of playing in it all. It’s going to be pretty cool.