A Tractor Ride for Isai

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One of the many perks of growing up on a farm is getting a tractor ride pretty much anytime you choose. When harvest kicked off a few weeks ago, the combine rides were aplenty. Unfortunately, we missed most of our chances for one reason or another.

Grandpa Dave, though, made up for it all with Isai’s very own tractor ride this evening. After a day at daycare, I picked him up and we went straight to the feed lot for an evening ride. Sure – we just cruised a couple of circles around the lot, but you should have seen this kid.

Isai skipped his afternoon nap so by the time we drove the 3 miles to the feed lot, he was snoozing hard in his car seat. I unbuckled him anyway. Peeling him out of his seat, he drowsily looked at me then melted over my shoulder.

When he finally heard grandpa’s voice, he slowly forced himself awake – only to realize he was surrounded by cows and standing by a giant tractor.

We climbed in and started cruising. Instantly, my dude was alert and there for it. He grabbed the steering wheel and went to work. At one point, the noise of it all seemed to scare him a bit. He curled up on grandpa with his fingers in his mouth. Damn teething.

As soon as we parked and shut down the tractor, he was back at the steering wheel doing his own “driving.”

Naturally, getting back into the carseat wasn’t the same. He fought it hard. And then, ultimately, crashed again as soon as we were about a minute down the road.

Dude finally got his ride. And he loved it.