Sunday Morning Chores

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Sunday morning chores tend to look exactly like our chores every other morning. On weekends, though, we are more likely to be outside as a family and moving a little more slowly than we usually do during the week. We linger a little longer. Pet the cats a little more. Watch the chickens for awhile. Talk to the calves.

Every morning is starting to feel a little bit cooler. That’s not bothering the animals though. The calves have all really perked up compared to when they first came to us. We’re up to 3 new bottle calves in total and all of them are finally energetically coming out to greet us for their bottles.

The chickens, as usual, are waiting at the gate of the chicken run. They’ve become completely accustomed to spending the day roaming the farm. It’s actually been super cool to see them wander their way into the front yard or even explore down by the pond. They have been venturing farther and farther from the coop, but always make their way back by sunset.

Isai drives his truck (a birthday gift) from one pen to the next while typically being far too bundled up to really move. That truck has been a godsend given that he would otherwise want to be carried or chased and the necessary chores would never actually get done.

Even Benning and Bragg have settled into their own morning routines. Lately, as soon as the garage door is open, they’re checking the space for leftover calf milk replacer. We made the mistake of letting them get into the bag for a few days without realizing what was happening. They got hugely fat within a week. Now, they’re addicts. They follow those bottles everywhere and are quick to lick up any spills if and when a top pops off one in the cow pen.