Another Weekend at the KC Remodel Show

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Each year, we try to make it into the city for at least one day of the KC Remodel and Garden Show. Last year, we had a great time sipping cocktails and rolling our sleepy kids through the show while perusing all the vendors for people who might help us wrap up work on the farmhouse. This year – was different.

The kids were wide awake – and into it, honestly. They were enjoying the roll through the show as much as we were. Isai caught a frisbee from one booth. The pair of them snagged suckers from the next. Everyone seemed to have candy for the kids and a rapid-fire brochure for me.

I didn’t manage any photos of our trip. There was way too much kiddo energy for that, apparently. We did a test photo shoot on the giant wooden chair at the entrance and very quickly determined that was not going to go well. The kids legit did not understand it was a chair. It was kind of hilarious.

I also didn’t manage to find much.

Usually, I will find a handful of products or vendors that really stand out. I try to use the time to brainstorm materials, design trends or how we might solve problems we’ve been facing with the house. With Aaron’s latest flip properties underway – we had even more to consider. But very little broke the mold of previous years.

I did see the gemstone LED lights – a Christmas light and landscape lighting replacement – that I’ve been eyeballing online for a few months now. That was a surprise along with being super great to finally see them in person. We also took a brief look at the fully enclosed, automatic pergola shades that basically create full walls for an all-seasons patio space. Unfortunately, their reps were completely distracted by each other and couldn’t be bothered to show us the shades in action.

Outside of that – the show was just plain boring. There was nothing new. Nothing cutting edge. No technology – just “as seen on TV” pet hair removers. No impressive landscaping – just a weird, empty stone courtyard that looked like maybe it was an area to sit…but there were no chairs.

At one end, Tamara Day (HGTV’s Bargain Mansions) was giving the run down on how she styles spaces – but even that seemed lackluster. She’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but the energy surrounding the presentation space was just drab.

For an event that has become something of a tradition for us, I don’t think we’ll be back. What I realized more than anything is that I went to the show in search of something cutting-edge, different and never-before-considered. I had hoped to see new ideas, ground-breaking approaches and perspectives I hadn’t considered. Instead, every booth was either offering a free massage or looked about as trendy as my stuck-in-the-90s orange Oak kitchen.

We’re going to look for a big show this year. Maybe Vegas. Or Chicago. Something where new ideas in home renovation are the norm, not the exception. Until then, at least we have these adorable giant chair photos.