A Big Week for Little Chicks

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We might be going a little stir crazy.

Last weekend, while gathering supplies from the farm store, Aaron picked up some chickens. We’d already been eyeing them for a couple of weeks, but apparently the single week we’ve spent in quarantine was enough to finalize the decision.

So far, the flock is awesome:

  • Bantams (2)
    According to the display tag in Tractor Supply, we have a sweet pair of Bantams. One, I’m fairly certain, is part Frizzle and it makes my day. His insane wings grow bigger and crazier every single morning. Friends, I’m here for it. These guys are going to help us with insect control around the garden as soon as we have the chunnel (chicken tunnel) ready to roll!
  • Pullets (2)
    Our two Pullets are bound to be our eggers in a few short months. One is light, the other is a bit darker with a mix of colors in her feathers. Can’t wait to see how these beauties grow.
  • Polish (2)
    I’m counting down the days until our Polish chicks grow their giant head plumes. For now, they’re tiny little fluffs. We expect these sweeties to be late-season producers of medium to large white eggs.
  • Japanese Bantams (2)
    With any luck, we’re going to be buried in eggs as soon as these hens grow a bit. The Japanese Bantams are stunningly colored birds that will produce some small, cream-colored eggs.
  • Silkies (2)
    Our sweet little Silkies are blonde babies with soft shiny feathers. They’ll be producers of medium-white to tinted eggs and should do well foraging about the garden as we set up a free-range type of space for the cluckers.

It’s true – we pick our chicks like we order our donuts: 2 of everything. The good news is that they’re all freaking awesome and growing wicked fast. I’m constantly astonished by how much they’re eating and drinking.

It’s been more than 20 years since I raised chicks on our family’s farm – this is definitely part of the journey that I don’t remember well. I’m so excited that Aaron, Isai and I are diving into this together.

Next step is to get the coop built. Construction starts this week with hopes of turning it around fast and having an incredible stretch of space for this crew to roam and peck. Stay tuned!