Meet Chuck – Our First Moomaker

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In the midst of Coronavirus quarantine, we’ve earned our “real farm” status. Yesterday, Chuck arrived.

We’ve been steering clear of most human life lately. It’s really not hard to do on this beautiful acreage that is creeping its way into Spring. We’ve started quite the collection of baby chicks. Most days, the pond is loaded with geese. Flowers are sprouting everywhere. The starts are trying in the greenhouse. Turkey have been wandering past the trail cams. The front yard has been loaded with deer. Everything is alive and thriving.

Calving season – despite having no cows – is no exception. About one week ago, a family friend found an abandoned calf in her pasture. Not too up for taking care of a bottle calf herself, this presented us with the prime opportunity to welcome Chuck to Crossley Farms.

Loaded up on a flatbed – Aaron and my dad hauled Chuck to his new little home inside of our pole barn. He’s all set with fresh hay, his daily fill of milk replacer and – this weekend – will get a nice little door to his outside pen for plenty of time in the sun.

Meet Chuck – Crossley Farms

Even at only a week old, our first moomaker is a strong dude that knows what he wants. More milk. And he’ll slime you trying to find it. He’s big eyes are crazy. His black fur is insanely clean. He’s an adorable guy, not at all shy and I’m certain Isai and the cousins will love him dearly.

We’re looking forward to finding Chuck a friend in short order (apparently these littles do best with buddies). More than anything we’re just ecstatic that he’s the first of many that will roam the pastures later this summer. Until then, we have plenty of work to do continuing to clear out brush, add new fencing and stocks.