Chick Days 2021

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We’re at it, again!

With all of the local farm stores touting their annual Chick Days – we’re collecting a whole new flock for Crossley Farms. Our original flock from last Spring is down to one stunning Rhode Island Red hen. The others (plus some of the newer birds) have been terrorized by a fox for weeks now. With our eggers dwindling quick, we’ve been busy fortifying the coop, setting live traps and gathering new chicks for a fresh flock this summer.

Naturally, the best part of this whole process is seeing these sweet little tweeters every time we walk through the garage. Isai adores standing over their little bed and shouting “peep, peep, peep” just like his books have taught him.

When we chose to bring our kids to rural Kansas to grow up on a farm – these are the exact moments we were looking forward to. I couldn’t be more excited to see that they’re already here.

These chickers will stay in the garage for another month or so before being introduced to the coop with the other “new” birds. While we wish last year’s flock had faired much better – we’re very excited to see what some of these potentially gorgeous new birds grow to be. There are already some pretty steller patterns in their feathers!