Penny 2cents – Our First Fainting Goat

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In a stroke of complete Santa-style genius, Aaron brought our very first fainting goat to the farm for Christmas. Penny 2cents is our second Penny (the first passed a few months ago shortly after we got her from an auction). The second is a stunning little lady that – when too scared – falls over.

It’s quite possibly the meanest and most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

She’s found herself a cozy spot in the pole barn while we triple check the health of everyone on the Goat Trails. We’ve had a couple of coughs here and there along with some crusty eyes. A few of the goats – including one of the pregnant mommas – are in the pole barn as well to be monitored more closely.

Speaking of pregnant mommas – one of our ladies is looking like we’re within a couple of weeks of having a sweet new babe around! We’re so excited to meet the new little one that we’re watching her like a hawk. Probably annoyingly so. What a fun Winter development!