Snug in the Coop

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Chilly temps mean all the animals are spending the nights tucked into their cozy beds. The calves have a makeshift shelter to ward off the wind and snow. The goats have the Goat House with a heat lamp for extra warmth. And the chickens have …a rotisserie.

The coop continues to be one of the most epic things we’ve managed to build in the last year. It’s pretty. It’s solid. And, as far as we can tell, the flock loves it.

This year, their Winter warmth upgrade is a bit sinister. The red bulb in their heat lamp radiates color from the doors and windows.

Last night, I peeked in for a quick headcount before closing their gate. I had to laugh. We haven’t butchered a single chicken this year. We love their styles and personalities – which apparently saved you from getting eaten around here. Still, that bright red coop and everyone roosting on the bars inside reminded me of one grotesque chicken oven.


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