Where the Pasture Meets the Goat Trails

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There’s this crazy little spot as you drive toward the back pasture where the fence around the Goat Trails creeps up on your left. Then, you notice the fence for the pasture on your right. And, every once in a while, the goats and the cows meet here for a chat.

I begged Aaron to leave the easy path down the middle so we could drive around without opening and closing a billion gates. So far, it’s totally worth it. I love seeing this ridiculous critter crew roam through here singing the songs of their people.

Today, while watering, I mentioned to Aaron that we have to have the loudest farm in the area. In the distance, you could hear the chickens crowing. Then, the goats would reply with a series of bellows. As if that wasn’t enough for the chorus, the cows would chime in with a moo or two of their own. The entire song continued on repeat as long as we were out and about.

So cool.