The Frozen Countryside

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I really do love watching the way the wide open spaces out here change from season to season. As Fall came to a close, the fields were emptied of their crops and left with dry, brown roughage in most places. The relatively dry Winter hasn’t done much to hide the dry remains until yesterday.

A quick blast of freezing rain moved through the area Tuesday – leaving power outages, dangerous sidewalks and a glistening crystal wonderland in its path.

Today, I was in awe as I drove into Winchester to pick up Isai from his cousins’ house. The further North that I drove, the heavier and thicker the ice covered trees, fences, houses – you name it. The sun lit it all up like a world of prisms. Then, while we drove back home, the pink sunset made even more magic.

The ice on the farm was minimal. Our trees are heavy and we’ve had to be diligent about breaking the layer of ice off of water buckets for the animals. For the most part, though, we’ve only lost a couple of small branches here and there. Plus, the pond has stayed mostly thawed giving us a natural water source to continue keeping the animals hydrated.

I’m slightly jealous of the magic that exists along the roadsides just a few miles away. However, I’m hearing we’re going to get our fair share later in the week. Patience.