The McMillian Family | Fall Photos on the Farm

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It’s been a bit since I busted out the Canon and had a family photo session. I’ve missed it. The McMillans really reminded me of that as we snapped some sweet Fall photos on the farm.

Kristin and I grew up doing everything together. We are cousins with birthdays only one month apart and, honestly, having moved closer to my hometown in the last few years – we’re closer than ever. I was so excited when she mentioned wanting some fresh family photos. Her gorgeous little family is always so much fun to wander the farm with, and those handsome boys are all smiles all the time.

We explored the back pasture, enjoyed the sunset, hung out by the barn, chased chickens and loved on the kittens. True to form – I caught everything we wanted in the first 15 minutes. (It’s what you have to do when there are kids and animals involved. For real.) Everything beyond that was bonus. And, man, we got a lot of bonus.

There’s something so easy about snapping joy and love when it’s just there. This crew – with an amazing amount of energy – always plays hard on the farm. Shouting “oh, stop right there!” and snapping an impromptu shot is simply the best.

This beautiful momma and her handsome men are in such an awesome season of life. In particular, I just love all that Kristin does as a business owner – running her salon and clothing boutique while doing all things mommin’. Against her will, I had to catch a couple of nice headshots for her Fall and Winter social media. She’s gorgeous and it needs to be flaunted.

My Isai absolutely loves his aunt, uncle and cousins – so, he joined in a few shots as an honorary McMillan. Honestly, I think it’s the best he’s ever smiled in family photos. I’m not entirely sure why he can’t pull that off in our own!

We’re insanely lucky to have these awesome humans so close to us – and to get to enjoy days like this with them. I already can’t wait for our next day of photos.