A Little Bit of Christmas

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We’re getting a smidge of a head start on our Christmas decorating with the assembly of my vintage 8′ Evergleam aluminum tree. I snagged this stunner last winter when a Facebook friend listed it for sale along with the original color wheel. My jaw dropped then and I’ve been in complete shock that I was actually able to grab it before anyone else.

Sadly, last year, I didn’t get to put it up. We were mid-reno and it was entirely unrealistic to think I could squeeze it into any part of the house. This year, though, I was determined.

We cleared the front alcove near the door to make space for this beauty. What has been our holding zone for old doors and construction materials suddenly became reclaimed space that is actually kind of awesome.

I undid the old box and went to town sliding the aluminum branches out of their sleeves and into place on the stand. With every stick, it got more and more beautiful.

Now, we have this unbelievable naked tree that glitters in the morning sunlight and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s so stinking magical. Isai loves it. Elin just stares at it. But it adds a bit of sparkle and energy that this place has been missing (I am SO over renovating).

I can’t wait to see how things transform with our real tree!