Completely Unusual Renovation Planning

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We’re no strangers to blue tape. In our Kansas City house, Aaron insisted that I tape off every trim board in every room that I painted. He’s never had any faith in my ability to cut in with a wet brush.


Even I can admit that the blue tape in the farmhouse, though, has gotten a bit out of hand.

In an effort to expedite our renovation planning, I took my trusty blue tape roll (er, rolls) and started drawing lines across the walls and floors of our 1st floor bedrooms and bathrooms.

Honestly, it worked!

Aaron and I have been trying to talk about layouts lately without having a tangible reference for what each other is attempting to describe. So the tape on the walls gave us something to point at, peel off and adjust until we were sure we were moving in a good direction.

We hope in the months to come that we’ll be able to divide the existing master bedroom to create a large master bedroom and a smaller nursery. Then, the existing second bedroom will become our master bathroom and closet – consuming the entire end of the house with the master suite. The existing full bathroom will shrink just a smidge to allow for more closet space. Naturally – both bathrooms will get a full fresh overhaul of finishes and styling, so this is bound to be a bit of an intense undertaking. We’re really excited to start to see it come together though!