New Year, New House

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We promised ourselves that we would be moved and sleeping at the farm by the New Year. In fact, we psychotically planned the shuffle for the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Well, here we are.

We borrowed my dad and Gena’s trailer and towed it with their truck. Aaron’s dad Steve and my brother Chris met up at the house and helped us load up. Aaron and I had packed every box. Moved all of the stuff. Disassembled all of the furniture and moved everything to the first floor. All that was left was to load it and make the move official.

Well, it is.

We spent a couple of nights on the living room floor with an air mattress. Isai didn’t seem to care much. The dogs thought it was awesome. Aaron and I are a bit worse for wear – but waking up to sunrises like these on the cool mornings brightens the days fast.

We have plenty of unpacking to do. A trailer to unload. Boxes that will stay boxed. We intend to live in the basement until renovations are done on the first floor. In the interest of keeping things moving fast, I refuse to get comfortable. Everything we love most will stay in boxes until we have a place for it. Until then – it’s time to move our air mattress downstairs.