Fresh Paint for the Remodel

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The remodel progress is slow and steady. Very slow. But, also pretty consistent. Honestly, I can’t be too mad about that.

This week, we’ve seen our latest “let’s get it all painted” motivation taper to a close. The visual shift that comes with having all of the walls coated in a clean matte white is so relaxing amidst the chaos.

For the walls and ceilings, we’re using Sherwin Williams Matte Extra White. We’ve gone with the Emerald Acrylic Latex line for this space solely because it will be a heavy-traffic, high-life area of the house. In our Hyde Park home, we learned that this paint has incredible longevity and is exceptional for easy clean-up. Given that we’re going all white this time around, it seems like both of those qualities are a must in our paint selection.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. We’re already creeping closer to that simple, clean and modern style that we hoped to achieve in this 1970s blast from the past.

The vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom continues to be my most favorite feature of Phase 1. It was a spontaneous decision during demo that our contractor and friend, Scott, suggested. We considered several ways of raising the ceiling, leveling it out, etc – but I am beyond thrilled with the decision to fully vault it with the roofline. This thing will be a stunner when we’re finished.

Not to mention, once those giant windows go in and we have boat loads of natural light – the humble square footage of this space is going to feel enormous. I think we struck the perfect balance of closet size, bathroom size and bedroom size in the en suite given the space we had to work with. Every single move we’ve made in the layout will pay off tenfold in making better use of this area versus when we bought the property.

I absolutely cannot wait until we can look again at the Day 1 Befores and the Day X Afters!