Starting the Weekend at the KC Home and Garden Show

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After a full week of progress on the bathroom tile, we were feeling like the actual champions of home renovation. Naturally, that meant we needed to get to a home show, stat.

We loaded up the double stroller and picked up our kids from daycare on Friday – just in time to cruise to the West Bottoms and catch the annual KC Home and Garden Show. We’ve wandered our way through the show a few times in the past – but this time was…just…different.

First, in our times before, we didn’t have kids in tow. Ok, maybe just Isai last year. But in the years prior, it was just Aaron and I.

Second, we have never rocked our double stroller so hard in public. It was like landing a damn spaceship in those aisles and I’m genuinely proud we didn’t take out anyone’s legs in the process.

Third, we only thought we were home renovators in our past lives. We would do fun little weekend projects or change out a lightbulb, then pat ourselves on our backs and relax into Sunday Funday. Let me tell you, those days are LONG gone. We are now full-fledged walls-are-missing, which-“room”-should-we-sleep-in-tonight kind of renovators. We’ve seen some shit.

With that – this visit to the home show just hit differently. We wandered half a “lap,” then hit the bar. The bartender was slow on the early Friday evening, so we chit-chatted while he poured us appropriately strong cocktails.

As we approached the end of our first lap through things, both kids were sleeping soundly and we were quite ready to brave the cold to leave.

“Want to go again?”


And we did. We did two full passes of the entire show. Hit the bar twice. Kept our kids rolling with a mountain of Puffs and Melties. And had a freaking great time.

Now, we need to expand the budget, install solar panels, build a new barn, epoxy the garage floors, re-side the house and get up to speed on our exterior lighting plans – none of which we knew we needed before. But hey, baby steps.