The Renovation Continues

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The renovation of the master, nursery and hall bathroom continues – slowly but surely. This week, we’re seeing the rough in plumbing come together. Honestly, it’s kind of awesome.

We can now see clearly where the shower fixtures will go in the master bathroom. We’re also seeing the sink plumbing coming into play for both bathrooms. Generally, things keep looking more and more real.

After talking with our sheetrocker (is that a word?) – we’ve learned we need to pull out a bit more of the ceiling sheetrock and insulation. So, that’s in progress as well.

The momentum is great but it’s looking less and less like we’ll be wrapped up before Baby #2 arrives. Never-the-less, we’re going to keep running at this as quickly as possible in hopes that we can enjoy our new space and escape outside to work on projects when the warmer Spring weather hits.

There is plenty to do on our reno projects still. Electrical, HVAC, sheetrock, trim, tile in the bathrooms, carpeting, cabinets and finishing. It feels like such a long road ahead, but we will see some dramatic changes quickly as these final pieces come together.

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