New Kids in the Barn

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We’ve officially welcomed three new kids to Crossley Farms! Mama Goat has spent several weeks in the pole barn while we eagerly awaited their arrival. Aaron was constantly checking in with our goat farming friends to keep tabs on what stage of the process she might be in. Naturally, every time we thought “it’s time!” – it wasn’t.

Randomly, this morning, it really was finally time. Isai and I ran into town for errands and Aaron was in the wood shed organizing lumber from the remodel. That’s when he heard her.

Note: Some of the images in this post could be considered graphic.

Mama Goat had already given birth to one baby when Aaron found her. He watched the second baby arrive, then ran into the house to grab his phone. By the time he returned to the barn, a surprise third triplet had arrived!

Twin and single births are most common for goats. Especially in a first pregnancy. For Mama Goat to have three in her very first pregnancy is pretty impressive.

All three are adorable bucks – one brown, one white and one mixed. They have beautiful blue eyes. And, while we haven’t seen any of them faint yet – their father was a blue-eyed fainter so we’re very curious to see if this is a trait they’ve picked up.

These cuties are a very welcomed surprise this weekend! We’re extremely excited for warmer weather – and adding babies to the farm just emphasizes that Spring is just around the corner!