The Sheetrock is Mudded

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There’s a phrase I never really anticipated myself using. Look at me sounding like a real general contractor.

Today, the sheetrock is officially mudded. That means all of the sheetrock is on the walls and all of the seams have been filled and smoothed. We have smooth walls. It only took 6 months from the time we started chopping everything apart – but we’ve finally arrived at the first step required for putting it all back together.

As with every milestone we hit with this renovation, the space has instantly made a massive leap forward – looking more than ever like we’re closer to the finish line. I’m starting to think this illusion is going to continue every time we complete a piece of the process. That just leaves me wondering how far from “done” we really are.

Next up, we’ll see tile, paint and a handful of finishes start to slip in. Our windows are due for delivery near the end of August, so quite a bit of our progress hinges on those going in as well.

Patience, grasshopper. Patience.