We’re Moving In

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Aaron and I agreed that we would move out of our Central Hyde Park house at the heart of Kansas City and into the farmhouse during that weird time between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

But, leave it to the Realtor to want to leave half of all of our things in the house we’re moving out of “for staging.”

This is hard, y’all.

I adore our Kansas City house. It’s a beautifully designed reflection of our style and personalities. However, with our new little one, it doesn’t quite fit our lifestyle anymore. The move is bittersweet at the absolute best. Most days, if I’m honest, I’m downright angry to be leaving it behind.

So, we’re moving away from a home I love. We’re moving away from the house where we brought our baby home. We’re moving away from our first place. We’re moving away from the cool projects, big plans, amazing memories and more.

As much as I love what the farm will be in our future – it’s very hard to leave someplace so special for another place that needs so much work to be made our own. On top of all the work and planning we’ll have to put in, we won’t have most of our furniture or favorite decor until our Kansas City house is sold. That means a couple of months of making due with the guest room bed, Pack’n’Play, paper plates, spare bedding and more. It’s doable, but it’s not comfy. It’s not home, yet.

Despite my heartache, the farm is truly incredible.

We’ve been sneaking evening trips to the county mid-week just to look at the land. Deer and critters leave constant trails through the dustings of snow. Each opportunity to wander through the empty house and barn leads to even more brainstorming and ideas for what we have ahead of us.

Over the past couple of trips, we started checking the mailbox. We didn’t anticipate much since almost no one knows our address – so imagine our surprise to find tons of holiday greetings pouring in among the bills and newspapers.

Unfolding the cards and adding them to a growing collection on our kitchen mantle, I could cry. Here we are, in a phase of life feeling so chaotic and so lost – and all of these wonderful people in our lives have found us. They’ve surrounded us and given us the most incredible collection of reminders that this new place will be our home. Friends and family will gather here. Our family will grow in love here.

This place has a spirit of abundance. Even in the few afternoons or evenings we’ve spent here – family and friends have simply popped in. So, so many have driven through the driveway just to peek at the property while we’re gone. Everyone cares. Everyone is present. It is a gathering place – and, honestly, that’s everything we were looking to find.